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Wealth Wednesdays with “FX Big Dog” Gary Fichardt

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Once each Wednesday, we host a live webcast featuring Gary Fichardt (aka “FX Big Dog”), for what we like to call our “Wealth Wednesday”.

Gary is one of the world’s most successful Forex (FX) traders and an expert advisor and trainer for thousands of traders around the globe. Gary brings a wealth of knowledge, training, tips and strategies every Wednesday on our live broadcast, featuring the Smart Market Academy education and trading system, only available through ByDzyne™.

You’ll learn how to use the Smart Market Academy (SMA) system to fully utilize it’s functionality and to maximize your profit and success with this powerful trading tool.

We’ve made it simple to watch all of the Wealth Wednesday webcasts in one place. Bookmark this page and visit each week to watch the recordings below:

Jan 22, 2020

Jan 15, 2020

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