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ByDzyne Tips: Active Status & Flushing Rules

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It is just mind-blowing to realize that it’s been almost 1 month since we pre-launched ByDzyne! The incredible ranks already achieved, the 2500 people who attended the Thailand event, is all evidence that we’re all in the right place at the right time to take control and LIVE our life ByDyzne!

With 1 month almost over we wanted to remind everyone of the ?Active Qualification Rules? so that you can all make sure you are active and your business volume is secured:

1) Active Qualified Status
In your back office dashboard, to the bottom right there is a section called “Active Qualified”. This section lists the PV that you need to achieve to qualify every 30 days to remain active, and the date by which you must complete your 60 PV requirement. The purpose of remaining active is so that volume doesn’t flush by 50% and that you can continue to earn commission from products sold by you and your team!

➡️ Brand Ambassadors = 60BV
➡️ Presidents & above = 120BV (to earn maximum TVC bonus, President & above matching bonus, presidential global pool shares, president & above luxury & supercar bonus points)

To remain active, sell a minimum of 60BV to a Retail or Preferred Customer every 30 days.

To remain active, personally purchase or sell a minimum of 60BV to a Retail or Preferred Customer every 30 days.

?Note: 60BV / 120BV can be accumulated from multiple product sales to personal Customers.

2) Flushing Rules
If a BA is inactive, the Carry Forward volume will flush by 50% every Pay Cycle not active, and no new volume from the Binary Tree will be accumulated. If a BA is inactive for 6 consecutive Pay Cycles, they will lose their position in the Binary Tree and stop accumulating BV from the Binary Tree. Single orders of 720 BV will be divided by 12 months (60 BV per month) for the Brand Ambassador’s Active monthly requirement and for commission purposes. BV from Upgrade Kits do not count towards Active qualification.

Make sure to keep your business active and teach your team to do the same, so you can all build your business ByDzyne!

Please see the compensation plan in your back office under ‘Training & Tools’ for more details.

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