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ByDzyne Back Office Enhancements

ByDzyne Back Office, Training

It’s been only 3 weeks since we went live with ByDzyne Beta and already we’re enhancing our back office! We love hearing feedback from everyone during the Beta Phase, and ByDyzne Corporate is committed to improving our systems and user experience based on what YOU, the field, needs.

With that being said, we’ve updated our back office with a couple awesome enhancements to help you manage your business!

Binary Tree Pop Up Details
In your back office under ‘My Business’ ➡️’Reports’ ➡️’Binary Tree’ new enhancements have been made to the Binary Tree display. A pop-up is available with a complete overview of your business and your personal enrollee’s business to help you and your team strategize as you grow together! In addition, you can also click on your personal name and your enrollee’s name to open up a full Binary Volume Report with estimates of their GPV (Group Personal Volume) for the week.

?On a computer : hover your mouse over the BA’s green box to display the pop up.
?On a phone : Click the BA box to display the pop up.

Dashboard: My Goal & Builder Status
On your dashboard is an enhanced feature of the ‘My Goal’ widget! You can now choose your desired rank goal by clicking on the arrows (as seen in the picture above) to set the rank you are aiming to achieve, and to determine how much more BV you will need to reach the goal, and if you need additional Diamond legs.

?Builder Status Reminder?
Your builder status is one of the most important stages of building your business. You cannot earn TVC at your rank level if you are not properly qualified thus it’s very important you make sure your builder status has been completed!

➡️ Builder Status : A Builder is a Brand Ambassador who has personally enrolled one BA on the Left Leg and one BA on the Right Leg of their Binary Tree, each with a minimum first order purchase of 150 BV.
***Qualifying as a Builder unlocks the TVC & Matching bonuses

➡️ Pro Builder Status : A Pro-Builder is a BA who has personally enrolled three BAs on the Left Leg and three BAs on the Right Leg of their Binary Tree, each with a minimum first order purchase of 150 BV.
***Qualifying as a Pro Builder unlocks the Global Pool Vault Shares and Luxury Home / Super Car bonuses

Don’t miss the opportunity to qualify for more bonuses. You only need to become a Builder or Pro-Builder ONE TIME to unlock the entire Financial & Lifestyle Rewards Compensation Plan for life!

Happy Building ByDzyne!

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