tuw user guide update

tůw Smartwatch User Guide Update

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In ?celebration? of the launch of ByDzyne Beta and the brand new offices in Thailand, on May 20th Brand Ambassadors attending The ‘Big Reveal’ event got to be the very first to receive a limited pre-release of the tůw smartwatch ahead of the upcoming pre-determined deadline in June! The pre-release was such a huge unexpected surprise ?, leaving Brand Ambassadors highly impressed to be able to get their hands on the tůw earlier then scheduled! ?

We know that everyone was super excited but as it was a pre-release the translated versions of the english User Guide that is provided with the smartwatch are not yet available. We are working diligently to get it translated in various languages and will keep you updated as soon as they are available. Currently we are right on schedule with our June deadline.✅ In the meantime, we truly appreciate your patience during this Beta Phase as we continue to improve services, provide more information, product materials, and other tools.

If you received one of the pre-release tůw smartwatches, the tůw smartwatch app is available for use and can be downloaded through your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store by searching for “tuw smartwatch” app.

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