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Payment Deadline Is Tomorrow May 25th!

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ACH, Other, & Wire Payment Completion : Deadline – TOMORROW May 25th @ 5pm Pacific

With the launch of ByDzyne’s website it was announced on May 8th that the payment deadline for ACH/wire/other would be extended to May 10th to accommodate initial enrollment. In our effort to provide the best experience and more options for everyone, on May 15th we added Mastercard as an additional payment method, which helped reduce the need to use ACH/wire/other options. With this new development we extended the deadline further by 14 days as we know it was the first cycle and everyone was still getting acclimatized to the system.

As of today we are aware that there are still many outstanding accounts whereby Kits were chosen under the payment options ACH, wire, or “other” but payment has not been received yet. Business Volume (BV) was applied during this time and our incredible support team has been in contact with many of you in order to ensure you have had sufficient time to make payment.

TOMORROW, MAY 25th @ 5pm Pacific – If payment has not been received or a support ticket written with proof of payment sent, these accounts will need to be DEACTIVATED and the business volume (BV) will be deleted from the tree. ByDzyne’s focus is to continually protect its Brand Ambassadors and their businesses. We want to ensure that you all have a very clear picture of how much volume you have, therefore from cycle 002 onwards BV will not be accounted for until payment has been received.

ByDzyne’s payment policies and procedures moving forward:
ACH, wire and “other” payments must be initiated or received no later than 2 business days after the order has been placed. If the funds have not been sent to ByDzyne, your account will be deactivated.

We truly thank you for your patience during this Beta Phase. We will reach milestones and create history because of the teamwork and the united spirit that all of us share together!

If you have any questions, please create a “Support Ticket” through the back office.

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