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First Cycle Celebration: More Reasons To Love ByDzyne!

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The first cycle of ByDzyne™ was a huge success and we are beyond excited to see how the next months will unfold! We have 3 special treats for you! FOB, Travel Savings Vouchers, Active Status Extension…oh my!

Given that we allowed a One-Time-Only special upgrade option for the Promo and Founder’s Kits, in celebration of the first cycle, ByDzyne™ has decided to reward the First Order Bonus (FOB) and balance of Travel Savings Gift Vouchers (TSFV) on all upgrades as well (in Pay Cycle 001 only)!!! Oh yeah!!! ?????‍♂️

To take the celebration even further, and while the field waits to receive their products (as scheduled in June), everyone who joined in Pay Cycle 001 will now have until June 30th to complete their activation requirement! For some BAs that’s a 30 day extension!!! ???

?Just more reasons to love ByDyzne™?

Here are the details:

➡️ First Order Bonus (FOB) & Travel Vouchers On Upgrades
The general rule is that as an active Brand Ambassador, a 20% FOB is paid on every “first order” of kits or products personally sold to your Preferred Customer or Brand Ambassador. It is not paid on any orders processed thereafter, including upgrades.

➡️ For Pay Cycle 001 only – For all upgrades, sponsors will be rewarded a 20% FOB on the upgrade, and the purchaser will be rewarded with the difference in TSGV from the original order. For instance, if a BA upgraded from a Promo (FOB $320 / TSGV $2000) to a Founders Kit (FOB $1,000 / TSGV $10,000), the sponsor would receive an extra $680 FOB and the new BA would receive an extra $8,000 in TSGVs.

➡️ Active Status Extension
We know everyone is anxiously waiting for their products to arrive (in June as scheduled) so they can share their testimonials and get more customers. With that being said, ByDyzne™ is extending the active status requirement for those who joined in Cycle 001 to June 30th!

❗️Remember, remaining active is the key to earning commissions from products sold by you and your team. If not active, volume will flush by 50%

To remain active:
➡️ USA: Remain active by selling 60BV to a Retail or Preferred Customer every 30 days
➡️ Globally: Buy 60BV personally, or Sell 60BV to a Retail or Preferred Customer, every 30 days to remain active.

***The 60BV can be accumulated from multiple product sales to customers.

We truly thank?? everyone for your patience during this Beta Phase. We know that together we are absolutely going to create history because of the teamwork and the united spirit that all of us share together!

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success!
– Henry Ford

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