bydzyne commission cycle

Cycle 001 Ends Tonight at Midnight Pacific Time!

ByDzyne Back Office, Opportunity

Cycle 001 has truly been a historic start to ByDyzne and already we have witnessed explosive growth with multiple rank advancements… but it’s not over yet! You have until TONIGHT @ MIDNIGHT PACIFIC to get those last kits and customer sales in to push the extra mile!

❗️Important things to remember:

➡️ Upgrades : Promo and Founders Kit upgrades are only available during cycle 001. Starting tomorrow, upgrades will only be available for Advanced and Premium Kits by purchasing the BV difference no more than 30 days from enrollment. Make sure you let your team know!

➡️ Builder Status : Double check your builder status via your back office dashboard to make sure that you have achieved the Builder or Pro-Builder status. You cannot earn TVC at your rank level if you are not properly qualified thus it’s very important you make sure your builder status has been completed!
***If you are a Diamond or above you want to make sure you qualify as a Pro Builder as it unlocks the Global Pool Vault Shares and Luxury Home / Super Car bonuses.

➡️ Goal Status : Check your goal status in your back office dashboard to determine if you have achieved your rank status with enough BV and, most importantly, you have the diamond legs needed to qualify for your rank goal.

Have a wonderful end to cycle 001, and an early congratulations to all the rank advancements!

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