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ByDzyne & Elken Join Forces: Event Video Highlights

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A new story is being written as two powerhouse companies join forces to create an unrivalled global mega-brand, with a vision to positively disrupt the multi-billion dollar industry of network marketing, and provide an unparalleled opportunity for millions around the world.

ByDzyne™ and Elken®, two unique, innovative, and award-winning companies, have aligned to create a success story of epic proportions. A convergence of this magnitude, and a melding of each company’s cohesive vision, values, infrastructure, and experience, has forged a catalystic joint venture that will propel far beyond the boundary markers previously set by the industry.

Watch the video below to catch the event highlights where the join venture was announced. Then watch the live webcast where Elken and ByDzyne corporate executives officially announced the joint venture:

An Unprecedented Opportunity

There is no doubt, a remarkable story is being crafted and a legacy company is emerging. Even more exciting, you don’t have to hear its narrative being told from the sidelines. Through the lucrative business opportunity you can become an essential character in this epic saga and have YOUR success story written within its pages.

As ByDzyne™ and Elken® embark into a new era, an unprecedented opportunity exists for you to journey together into a prosperous future alongside the company.

There are certain times in history where all the right elements come together that results in the creation of an inevitable and unstoppable force. The stars have aligned. The powerhouses have converged. A perfect storm has emerged. It’s time to catch the wave and enjoy the ride.

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