ByDzyne Shipping Update

ByDzyne Beta: Shipping Update

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ByDzyne™ Brand Ambassadors are plowing ahead in record time and everyone is eagerly waiting with anticipation to receive their products! As mentioned last week, in celebration of the launch of ByDzyne™ Beta and our brand new offices in Thailand, attendees of the event got to be the very first to receive a limited pre-release of the tůw smartwatch ahead of the upcoming predetermined deadline in June. Yes that’s right, we actually were able to deliver a limited quantity ahead of our schedule!

As June is fast approaching we want to make sure everyone knows that we are absolutely still on the exact same schedule we have mentioned since the beginning; shipping of products WILL start in June. Our aim is always to be ?% transparent and upfront, and with that being said, we do not want to over-promise and under-deliver. Shipping will start in June (no definite date) and we can’t wait to witness all your testimonials and photos all over social media! ???

We truly appreciate ??everyone’s patience during this Beta Phase and know that we are listening to all of your comments, concerns, and suggestions. Keep them coming! We will keep you updated as soon as we can provide more details, but once again, know that we are on track, on scheduled, laser-focused to getting our products in your hands ASAP!

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