antonio de rosa

Antonio De Rosa Named Head of Advisory Board for Technology

ByDzyne Company

It’s time to CELEBRATE??! ByDzyne does it again! We only bringing the best of the BEST?! What an HONOR ? it is to have Antonio De Rosa as Head of our Technology Board. Here are some of his achievements:

– ?2014 & 2015: Best Innovation Award at CES in Las Vegas for two years in a row.

– ?2015: Star Award at Photokina, in Cologne, Germany.

– ?2017: Top Direct Selling Product (according to

As a CONCEPT DESIGNER for Apple, he has also produced concepts of new iPhones?, that have received a quarter of a million views ? in less than 24 hours!

And now, he is with us! All we can say at ByDzyne, is we are PROUD and HONORED to have him as part of our family❤️.

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